A Place To Grow

First off, we have a very busy life. My wife and I both work, and work long hours. Trying to balance work and family is a labor of love. Most of the time our farm and animals are also a labor of love, but some times it is just hard labor. From feeding everyone, 2 and 4 legged beings, to milking the goats to improving the barn and property, the work never seems to end. But we both wouldn’t have it any other way. I was raised on my great uncles hog and dairy farm. My grandfather was in charge of the dairy cows, all Holsteins. I remember going with him and watching him set up the milking machines, preparing and feeding the cows, and of coarse, cleaning the stanchions. We moved half way across the country to Missouri when I was 8 years old. I visited and stayed the summers with him for many year. I never thought I would have that way of life back, especially living near St. Louis, Missouri. But things change. We now have a herd of 4 Nubian milking goat, that will double in the spring when all the new baby goats arrive. We built a green house last year and started hundreds of heritage plants that we used in our organic garden and gave to friends. It has been wonderful thus far and will only get better as our children get bigger and can understand and share in this wonderful place.